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Cyberoam Certified Network Security Professional

Cyberoam Certified Network Security Professional

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Get trained to become Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional (CCNSP) The CCNSP Certification Course prepares individuals to recognize insider threats and user-targeted external threats while giving them expertise in networking and security fundamentals in addition to the deployment and configuration of Cyberoam identity-based UTM. The course is comprehensive, yet easy to follow, with real world scenarios, delivering practical value to aspirant security professionals.

Course Objective

The course enables security professionals to become familiar with the basics of networking and UTM security and delivers practical knowledge of deployment, configuration and management of Cyberoam identity-based UTM appliances in complex enterprise scenarios.

Participants will learn

  • Evolution of Enterprise Security-Firewall to UTM
  • Insider Threats
  • Identity-based UTM
  • Centralized Security Management

Implementing Cyberoam devices in a network

  • Firewall Policy Configuration and Management
  • User Authentication
  • Identity-based Access Policies and their Significance
  • Feature Configuration
  • Content & Application Filtering, Anti-virus and Anti-spam, IPS, VPN, Bandwidth and Multiple Link Management
  • Identity-based Reporting and its Criticality
  • Routing Concepts
  • General Administration
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Course Length

The course is designed to be completed in 2 full days through instructor led classroom training.


While the course does not have any pre-requisites, security professionals interested in enrolling need to be familiar with networking concepts, including network topologies, networking infrastructure and application protocols:

Operational OS knowledge

Basics of Networking

Knowledge of Protocols

  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Network Security Fundamentals

Operational Familiarity with Featured Modules

  • Firewall, VPN, IPS, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management, Reporting

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